Inventory Management

Inventory is a list of goods in stock i.e. total amount of materials contained in a unit/store. Inventory management is the management of that list of material in stock. Efficient inventory management means that there should be constant inflow and outflow of material, it should be a consistently controlled process so that inventory should not become too high or too low. Buffer stock should be kept in order to meet the uncertainties in the market i.e. in the demand of goods as well as to meet the time lag from supplier to user.

Different Types
  • Raw material inventory
  • Work in progress inventory
  • Finished goods inventory
  • Goods for resale inventory

Different Components
  • Barcode scanner
  • Barcode printer
  • Barcode label
  • Inventory software

SDS Inventory management software works along with barcode for inventory tracking and control. These software provide business solutions for managing inventory, sale, purchase and shipping etc.
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